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Strategic Advisory Services

Prism provides management consulting services to multi-stakeholder groups, NGOs, and other organizations with a mandate or mission related to labour, labour market, human resource planning, or industrial policy issues.  Prism helps clients with strategic planning, analysis of operational challenges, governance, and in selected cases provides management oversight to staff or projects.

Prism has over a decade of experience in facilitating industry and stakeholder engagement in consultation and evaluation initiatives with diverse client stakeholder groups. Prism’s ability to obtain a clear understanding of the needs and interests of each group rests on strong relationships with both industry and labour across Canada, and on sound methodology and research strategies aimed at identifying distinct perspectives. Prism’s experience and ability to draw in and engage vastly diverse stakeholder groups ensures all stakeholders come to the table to weigh-in on the issues at hand.

Prism also provides strategic support for trade unions. Prism has extensive experience working with trade unions and is able to understand their unique needs in economic analysis, policy review and collective bargaining support.